Sophomore Student of the Week


Luke McCabe

Anna Manthei, Editor

Luke McCabe is a sophomore and a hockey player at Esperanza High School. Now that he’s completed a year of high school, he finds it “weird,” to be going to school like he remembers his older sisters doing in the past. A typical day for Luke includes going to hockey practice after school and sleeping for the rest of the day. Many students and teachers don’t realize that Esperanza has a hockey team, and he thinks it would, “be nice if the stands were fuller,” for their games, so they can showcase their hard work. Overall, Luke just “love[s] the game,” and this is where he finds his motivation to keep playing and practicing. Since Covid-19, a lot has changed and Luke doesn’t know if it was, “for the better or worse, but it is what it is.” Congratulations Luke for being the sophomore student of the week!