Beach Volleyball at Esperanza!!!

Here at Esperanza High School there are many womens sports that are offered. There’s basketball, soccer, softball, golf, track, cross country, volleyball, tennis and many more. I myself play volleyball here at Esperanza and it is the best time of year for me. When you play a sport it gives you a chance to bond and make new friendships with different people. I have made so many of my good friendships through this sport here at Esperanza. Starting this year Esperanza will have the first ever Beach Volleyball Team in the district. When I found out about this I was thrilled to be a part of something this new, and exciting. As I was talking to my friend Tessa she was saying how she had “never done beach volleyball before” and that she has played indoor volleyball her entire life and is “excited to try something new.” Continuing on, e many people may think “wow this is so amazing,” “this is an amazing opportunity to improve my skill.” Then there’s always the questions that follow. When are the practices going to be? Where are they going to be held? Who is the coach? All those questions are going to be answered right now. The tryout is going to be held next Wednesday, January 1st from 3:30-5:30 at Fullerton Junior College. There are going to be 14 players that are chosen for 7 teams. The teams are going to be pairs of two, and yes you can request to be with your friends. I have talked to many people who play or played beach volleyball before and they all exclaimed multiple times how it was the most exciting sport they have ever played. Usually the game goes on and people play rain or shine. One of the beach coaches, Bree Elorriaga said “Beach volleyball is a sport that becomes addictive. It’s almost like a good book, once you start it, it is hard to stop reading. It is the same with beach volleyball, once you start playing it is hard to stop playing.” Personally these words truly confirmed how much fun this sport can be. Coach Filip the head of the program told the players “that it is not about winning or losing, it is about having fun, working hard, and getting experience in one of the most amazing sports there is.” In the end, beach volleyball can be an amazing experience because you will expand your skills for volleyball, create friendships you never thought you would have, and last just getting the chance to say that YOU have played beach volleyball at least once in your life. The program is hoping that you will come out to try outs and and get to experience something brand new that Esperanza has to offer.