Welcome to the Clubhouse


Saul Peña

The newly renovated football club becomes home for the season’s players.

The football clubhouse, an improved feature implemented due to booster club funding along with parent donations, is located near the football field and serves as a “place for the kids to be together, not just to get dressed but also to…just be together,” said Tommy Storing, head football coach.

The exterior contains white walls accompanied by a gray colored roof with the words “HOME OF THE Aztecs” written in red. Surrounding the structure are benches and a dedication plaque.

Previously, the clubhouse had a more typical locker room feeling to it. With the improvements, “it has wraps on the walls, we have pictures of the kids up. It’s a much better atmosphere,” stated Storing.

“It connects more of the older guys because it’s like our own locker room, and we have a stereo system in there so we get to play whatever music we like,” said  senior Jesus Diaz.

Storing said, “You create a culture of winning. That comes even before success is the kids have to feel successful. You have to create an environment where you can really thrive.”

“It is just nice because everyone gets to talk to each other,” said Diaz.

Junior Jake Gilbert said, “It brings us closer and we have to work together to get better.” Overall, these improvements mean great things to the football team and therefore, all of Esperanza.