A Lone Artist


Shaylee Matthews

Gavin Braun building his new project for his AP 3D Studio Art Class. Braun is the only student in the class.

Scoring a five out of five on last year’s AP test for 2D studio art, senior Gavin Braun is one of many who enjoy art. However, he is the only one who chose to take AP 3D Studio Art.

Braun explained that the class is “a marvelous experience. I really enjoy it. I get to venture about and explore artwork or do any project that I so desire anytime I please.”

Lynn Magnin, art teacher, said the class “is an independent study which is common when you get to the highest levels of art. It tends to be an independent study, anyway, even if you were in a class of eight to ten AP kids.”

“I don’t have any other students that I have to worry about. There is no real instruction that I don’t want, so if I need help with something, I have two teachers that I can talk to and discuss with. They can provide me with allocated assistance, but if I don’t want to do a project, then I just kind of move on,” Braun said, when asked his opinion on the way the class was run.

Braun’s frequent travels are odd to sophomore Angela Booth, who later said, “I figure that he is always going in between outside of the art room, the art room and the ceramics room and, sometimes, the AP room because everything he does requires a whole lot of movement.”

“I attend this class for attendance but I get to have an open door policy where I can just frequent the two classes whenever I need,” Braun continued.

Magnin said that Braun is “exceptional and the most creative student I’ve had.”

“I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want and I get to handle the projects as they come and go. I have some loose deadlines, and it’s really just sort of relaxing,” said Braun.

“It shows me my future. No one is doing 3D art in this school besides him, so it’s a lot of opportunity that you get to see. Watching him work is really fun. He shows you that you can definitely transform traditional ideas of art,” Booth said.