Concertmaster Directs Orchestra


Shaylee Matthews

Mr. Fang conducting the Sinfonia Orchestra at the Performing Arts Center for their first concert of the year.

Sophomore Matthew Yee is the concertmaster, or leader, of orchestra this year.

“Matthew Yee has been a strong advocate for the orchestra program here at EHS,” said Matthew Fang, orchestra teacher.

Sophomore Hannah Does, first chair cellist, said, “He is a very kind and hard working leader and is very committed in what he does. You can really tell that he loves to play and his instrument. I think he does a great job leading the orchestra and is willing to do his job to the best of his ability.”

As concertmaster, Yee has to be able to lead the orchestra and keep them together “not just when we are performing but outside of school.” He also welcomes “people into the orchestra” and treats “them like a family.”

Does said that his responsibilities include making sure “all of us are tuned before we start to play. If our conductor isn’t there yet, he also starts the tone builder, which is the g-major scale. Then, throughout the rehearsal, he offers his own insight and knowledge to any of the problems or struggles we are having in a piece, answering any questions the conductor might have.”

“Within his own section, he makes sure everyone knows their part and makes sure to play to the best of his ability as to help others who are struggling to get the rhythm or tone,” Does added, “Then, if anyone has any questions on the piece, he should be able to answer them or be willing to help us if we are confused with anything.”

“I wanted to continue to pursue a career of music and gain experience,” Yee said when he was asked why he is in orchestra.

Yee’s favorite part of being in orchestra is “being able to do what [he] loves and with all of [his] friends as well.”