New Rally Schedule Is Detrimental to School Spirit

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Connor Downing, Sports Editor and News Editor

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New Rally Schedule Is Detrimental to School Spirit

Since the start of the school year, students have been required to attend all rallies and assemblies. Before that, students were given the choice of attending study hall instead of going to the rallies, although not giving the option to skip assemblies. Last year, sophomores and seniors would go to the old theater, while the freshmen and juniors would go to the library. Teachers would keep an eye on the students and enforced a quiet working environment.

The school has changed the rules in order to increase “school spirit” through ASB organized rallies. While it’s admirable to want an increased school spirit, a firmer bond between students and schools, it’s rather damaging. The ones who dislike the rallies are forced to go, making the experience for everyone worse.

Take the clash of the classes rally from last week. JROTC and choir did the flag ceremony exceptionally well. But at a simple glimpse, you see that several students have their phones out, talking to their friends or dozing off. Now, it might not be known how much hard work, time and planning it took to organize the ceremony, but they ought to feel proud for what they did, and greeted with applause.

Yet, there they are, those who are distracted from the rally. Is it really going to bring school spirit, if the distracted student is seen by the performing student, who might be disappointed that their work isn’t recognized?

Additionally, if you didn’t notice, video production is recording these rallies for material. You’ve seen the videos; cheesy, sure, but those announcement video for certain events, or for a year wrap up video, usually include something from the rallies. Rallies, in which again, our peers are not enthusiastic for the event. While many different shots are taken during the rallies, it is difficult to find good shots to use in those videos. It must be incredibly annoying when a good shot is found, yet people in the background do not care about the action. The school wants to present itself with PRIDE, yet the change makes it harder to show.

Repeating myself, why are we having students come to these events when there is not an interest? Even if students go in with an open mind, they might be reminded of past issues if there is something mildly negative about the rally. Students should like the rallies for what good they do to promote school spirit, and not be dissatisfied.

And mainly, the issue of the location. The old gym typically gets cramped with students spilling out from the bleachers onto the court. Often times, it is quite hot and without air conditioning and so it is worse when many people are in there. If study hall was available, the gym would be less crowded with students who are there for the rally who are having a more enjoyable time.