Will You Be Mine, But Only On Valentine’s Day?

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Not to sound like a lonely, single girl, but I don’t agree with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love, but shouldn’t we be doing that every day? Why do we need a holiday to remind us to love one another?

It is a day in honor of Saint Valentine, but even I didn’t know who he was or why he was so important as to have a holiday. And with him being the whole reason as to why we have Valentine’s Day, we should know who he is. But we’re too caught up in the love aspect of the holiday that we forget its origins.

There’s also the fact that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday. The National Retail Federation reports that spending for this year’s Valentine’s Day will be more than $20 billion. Not to sound too cheesy, but love is priceless. So why buy that expensive box of chocolates when it’s really the thought that counts and the fact that you love each other and are together?

Moreover, Valentine’s Day is a holiday targeted at romantic love and not the love you feel for friends or family. More attention should be brought to other kinds of love and should be celebrated just as much. Remember elementary school when you’d buy candy for your classmates or send Valentine’s grams. That’s the kind of love that should also be promoted.

People should not limit expressing their love on just Feb. 14. There are many small gestures that one can make to show their love that can be done any day of the year, such as giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a card or other gift. This not only shows you care and are thinking of them but also surprises them since they wouldn’t be expecting something on an ordinary day.

We do not need a holiday to express our love. We could and should be doing that every day without a holiday needed.