‘90s Fashion is Back “As If” It Had Never Left


Camryn Calvert

Chloe Masciale bringing back that 90's fashion with her Doc Martens.

The ’90s was a time of new ideas, including the role in genders, music, culture and most importantly, fashion. Many teens and young adults were conveying their personalities through fashion like the goth hint Dr. Martens gave to a look or the fresh summer look tube tops gave. It was all young and fresh that it had to be brought back, like Cher Horowitz would say, “as if” it had never left.

Fashion in the ‘90s varied from the plaid Clueless skirts to the Sk8er Boy baggy pants. Many celebrities influenced fashion trends back then.

Senior Catie Mullner thinks the fashion celebrity icons of the ‘90s that were really influential were the Spice Girls. “[They are] the ultimate ‘90s pop band,” said Mullner. “They have all the elements of the ‘90s fashion.” On the other hand, junior Kara Gibbons considers her ‘90s fashion icon to be Julia Stiles, from “10 Things I Hate About You”, with a more grungy and darker look.

Although these celebrities only portrayed their fashion in the ‘90s, they are looked upon today as a source of inspiration to the fashion reused today. “Fashion, in general, always repeats,” said language arts teacher Whitney Leonard, “people get sick of the same old.” She also mentioned how fashion seems to repeat in order, first the ‘70s, then the ‘80s and now the ‘90s.

Mullner, however, has a different idea in mind. “With the women’s rights movement coming in, this is a kind of statement piece of like ‘I can work if I want to’ or ‘I can get out of the house if I want to,’ ” said Mullner. “With this mirroring the ‘90s revolution like that, I would say that’s why a lot of [the fashion] is coming back.”

Much of the fashion back then was really successful and on trend; however, there were also the no-no’s for it as well. Gibbons believes that the sagging, low rise jeans belong to that group because “they kind of look funny.” Mullner disagrees with the NSYNC/ Justin Timberlake highlights at the tips of his hair. “Never crop tops,” said Leonard.

Even though this fashion is repeating, it does not mean that it is 100 percent accurate. The difference from the ‘90s fashion from the ‘90s to the one today is really different. “[It’s] probably less creative now,” said Leonard, “[People are] repeating parts of it.”

Many people still follow and wear the ‘90s trend and tend to love the whole vibe from it, rather it be just the trend, or the style of the person. “People want to fit into [it] so they’ll continue to use ‘90s fashion,” said Mullner.

Even though the trend is really popular and used, people usually follow it, but they add a little bit of their own style into the look. “I get [that] a lot of people do it just because it’s popular,” said Gibbons, “I do it just because I enjoy the style, and I like how it looks.”