Outside Hitter Takes On Her Future


Hazel Hagen

Elyse Stowell making a block against Glendora at the first round of CIF.

The time has come for our athletes to look ahead for what may come next in their sports careers. Junior volleyball player, Elyse Stowell has taken the next step and officially committed to BYU in Provo, Utah. 

Stowell began playing volleyball when she was 11. “Both of my parents played so they started me in a club that my sister was also playing in,” said Stowell.

The recruitment process began very early on for Stowell. “My club team was well known at the time. They started recruiting me when I was playing in 13s or 14s, and they watched me throughout those years.” 

Stowell continued to work hard, and BYU continued to watch. Eventually, Stowell was asked on an unofficial visit to the school. “I went to the school, we talked and I really liked it. At the end of the tour and all the meetings with the academic counselors, they made me an offer. After a few months of thinking about it, I decided to commit there.” 

BYU is not only a perfect school for volleyball reasons, but it also is a school that is perfect for Stowell as a person. “I am Mormon, and BYU is known for its Mormon community, so I wanted a school where I could be comfortable in my standards.” 

“I am most excited for the crowd in college. I went to a game a couple weeks ago, and it is just packed with everyone there to support which I thought was really cool,” said Stowell. 

Stowell finds her sister, Avery Stowell, to be the most influential person throughout her volleyball career. “She made me love it, especially when it came to highschool. She was super fun and always made it so great to play, and it was always so exciting.” 

Teacher and volleyball coach Isaac Owens has watched Stowell develop as a player as well throughout the years. “She has developed into a much better leader. I have seen her mature over the past three years with just taking on responsibility. She puts more on her shoulders in terms of carrying us through a tough match,” said Owens. 

Owens is one of many that acknowledges her abilities on the court. “Typically in sports in high school athletics, the best player is not always the hardest worker, but she is not that kid. She is the kid on the team and she works the hardest. She is amazing.” 

“Her physical ability is one of her strengths. She is very tall and very strong and jumps really well. She moves really well for a girl her height. Her effort is amazing,” said Owens. 

Over the years, Owens and Stowell have established a close relationship. “[Mr. Owens] has taught be patience, how to work hard and consistency throughout the game. He was really close with my sister, so we have always been close,” said Stowell. 

“In the past years she wasn’t necessarily the best kid, she was one of the best, but she has stepped into that role where she is 100 percent the best kid on the team. She has no problem accepting it,” said Owens.