ASB Gets Students to be Thankfall


Shaylee Matthews

Senior Julian Martinez passing out pumpkin pie for the 2nd day of ThankFALL Week.

During the week of Nov. 18-22, Thankfall Week took place to fill the week before Thanksgiving break with fun activities and get students in the spirit of being thankful.

“This idea is something we’ve done for years now. However, every year it is dwindled in spirit and planning. This year we decided to bring it back full force,” said senior and ASB president Shaylee Matthews.

“We did a Thankfall Week last year, but it still counted as a trial run. This week is very similar to the Winter Week before winter break,” said senior and ASB member Cassidy Gibson.

Thankfall Week falls directly after What if Week and keeps student’s spirits light as the anticipation of Thanksgiving break nears. “The week before break always seems to drag on, so ASB wanted to make the week more fun and enjoyable so students don’t dread going to school,” said Gibson.

“I’m hoping students will have a fun last week of school before Thanksgiving. With What if Week being a very serious time, I am hoping with this, they will cheer up and have excitement for the holidays again,” said Matthews.

Student participation will be incorporated throughout the week. There will be activities like “teacher pieing, thank you notes, buying pie for one dollar and maybe turkey bowling,” said ASB director Meghann Lukach.

Each individual in ASB plays a role in the planning and execution of this week. Lukach looks forward to “facilitate the activities the ASB students are putting on” while Gibson is “in charge of overall planning and execution” of the week. Matthews claims all of ASB wants to make it as “inclusive and fun as possible.”

“I hope students will have fun as well as appreciate what they have going into the holidays,” said Gibson.