Teachers Tell Their Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes


Hazel Hagen

Dance Company Director Sue Gehringer has a great thanksgiving recipe for Carrott Souflee.

Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions, many including favorite foods. Here are some of the staff’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes. 

Finance Secretary Midge Kittredge’s personal favorite Thanksgiving recipe is Corn Pudding. She first discovered the recipe approximately 25 years ago at her Aunt’s house. Also, she believes that this recipe is both “delicious and super easy” and goes well with Turkey or Ham. To add this recipe to your own Thanksgiving feast, Kittredge recommends googling “Jiffy Corn Pudding.”

Mac and Cheese is Activities Director Meghann Lukach’s favorite Thanksgiving recipe because it is “so delicious and different at the same time.” The first time Lukach discovered this recipe was when she first went to Thanksgiving at her in-laws’ house, and she believes that it is the “staple” of every Thanksgiving meal. Her family members get “angry if mac and cheese isn’t on the menu.” This recipe is a recipe from her husband’s family. It is in Spanish because Lukach’s mother-in-law only speaks that language, meaning she is unsure of how to make it. “I do know it has noodles, a ton of cheese, sour cream, salt and pimentos,” she said.

Jane DeRose, the Clerk and Receptionist on west campus, enjoys having Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving because the recipe is “delicious and very easy to prepare.” Approximately 20 years ago DeRose discovered this recipe from her boss, who read about it in a Bon Appetit magazine. She believes that this recipe is “very important as it’s a necessity to have cranberry sauce with Thanksgiving turkey or ham dinner,” she said.

Her instructions for the recipe are to: 

“Bake fresh cranberries, sugar, orange juice concentrate and orange zest in the oven until the berries burst (about one hour) then Grand Marnier liqueur is stirred in. Once the mixture is cooled, it’s kept refrigerated; it’s okay to make it a few days in advance, too.”

The Japanese teacher Catrina Lim’s favorite recipe is Homemade Crescent Rolls because “homemade bread beats store-bought any day.” Her grandmother shared the recipe with her in a cookbook, and her family has always eaten them every year. This recipe is “very” important to Lim’s Thanksgiving traditions. When she lived in Japan, she realized how much she missed this particular food item, and she “realized how much the simple effort of making bread from scratch made a difference.”

Aerospace Science Instructor Scott McDonough enjoys pecan pie because he views it as a “rich end to a great meal and Texas is known for its pecans.” He makes this each year and discovered this recipe by first using the “original Karo version.” He then decided that he wanted to “pep it up some,” creating a unique recipe based on the original. “I love seeing people enjoying food I have prepared, see their smiles are my ‘holiday,’” said McDonough.

Sue Gehringer, the Director of Dance, likes to have Carrott Souflee for Thanksgiving because it is both “easy” and an “impressive vegetable dish.” This recipe has been around since she was in college, so it is quickly becoming a family tradition. She first discovered it at a party with a group of dancers that she was in a show with.