How To Stay Sane During Quarantine


Photo by Shaylee Matthews

Weights that can be used for working out during the lock down.

During these trying times that will go down in history, it is important to keep a clear mind. This includes staying both physically and mentally healthy and staying on top of your schoolwork. 

Find activities that take your mind off of things such as listening to or creating music, exercising, reading and even cleaning. Just because the world seems to be going through a harsh time right now, that doesn’t mean that you have to fall apart.

Go for a run or find a follow-along workout video. I suggest Athlean-X on YouTube, which offers a great variety of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts, aerobic/anaerobic exercises and muscle/strength-building workouts. 

Try meditating, and no, that doesn’t mean you have to shave your head (as many people have chosen to during quarantine) and become a monk or anything. Just close your eyes and try to stop thinking for a few minutes.

 Try to unplug from the media. I know, right? How ironic? A newspaper telling you to stop looking at the media. But I don’t mean forever,  just to get away from the anxieties of both the current situation in the news and social media altogether. Still stay informed and entertained through your daily dose of TikTok, right? 

Don’t forget to clean your room and complete all of your assignments on time. Especially don’t forget that teachers may also be having a difficult time with this new way of learning so give them a break.

 Dear struggling students and teachers, I’m with you. Turn off your phone (unless you need it), get through that Zoom meeting and ace all of those assignments. Try to keep a clean work area as you might get distracted if your desk is a mess. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Keep only the tabs you need open while you’re working online. Make sure you are getting up and taking breaks. Go get a snack and make sure you’re getting proper nutrition, as being hungry or not well-fed can be a distraction, making focusing more difficult.

Please use this as an opportunity to spend some time with yourself and learn everything about yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. You can come back to school next year feeling even better than you did before!