Beat YL Week

Student section at the football game against YL

Samantha Mac, Reporter

Beat YL Week is a spirit week that consists of dress-up days and fun events such as Anything but a Backpack Day. It also includes participating in a canned food drive against our rival school, Yorba Linda High School. We had high hopes of collecting many cans for the organization. This year we gathered nearly 1500 cans.

At the very start of the week, students dressed up as a Yorba Linda Mom. This meant wearing yoga pants, athletic shirts, fanny packs, hats, running shoes, and sunglasses. They seemed to be the most popular outfits paired with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Everyone’s personal favorite spirit day was Anything but a Backpack Day where students were able to substitute their backpacks for random objects. It also gave students an excuse to use the crosswalk rather than walking up that busy bridge. People brought laundry baskets, strollers, Home Depot buckets, suitcases, carts, and many more. Each one was creative and made Tuesday a lot more enjoyable.

The middle of the week had to be another fan favorite – PJ Day.  Though PJ day can be any day, almost everyone, including the teachers, wore their favorite PJ pants to school! What could possibly go wrong with comfortable pants and fuzzy socks? However, Spirit week wasn’t the only reason to be wearing them. HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) announced that it would also bring awareness towards pediatric cancer.

The week has been exciting so far but Thursday was the day for students to wear their favorite sports jerseys. Football and basketball jerseys appeared to be worn the most out of everything.

To end the week off, students wore all of their Aztecs Gear to represent our school in gold and cardinal. Although only a few decided to show up in school colors, the ASB students carried the day with Aztec Spirit. Unfortunately, though there were no photos during the day, there were plentiful photos of our lively student section at the Football game against Yorba Linda the following night!