Mr. Lindell-AP Physics


Katie Flanagan, Editor

Where did you teach prior to coming to EHS?   

“Brea-Olinda HS.”

Why did you decide to become a teacher?        

“I have always liked helping others, so when I had a chance to switch careers, I chose to go into teaching. I chose science as I have a background in engineering and sciences and worked in companies as an engineer and as a marketer and business leader alongside many types of scientists to make our products for consumers so I can provide real-life examples of using the science concepts I teach.”

What’s your favorite part about teaching? 

“The joy of discovery! It comes as both students and I learn new things. The best part is seeing students master new skills….seeing them exhibit greater confidence in tackling new ideas and applying concepts from something known to things that are unknown by making connections from their experience and life.” 

What is one thing you’re looking forward to this year? 

“Actually working with students in person on labs. The online labs and virtual sims are okay, but they lack the fun aspects of doing labs like making errors and screwing things up. We learn from our mistakes so it was hard to be excited to be doing so many of the online labs that don’t necessarily allow for students to make mistakes.”

What are your favorite hobbies/pastimes? 

“I like playing online games, working on the house, exploring national parks, and trying to figure out what my kids are doing. Realistically, I like to do whatever makes my wife Karen happy.”