Mrs. Krohn-Long-Term Science Substitute for Mrs. Reta


Lisa Winchell, Contributor

Are you new to the district? If not, where else have you worked? 

“Yes, I am new but was at Valencia High School last year.”

What is your favorite aspect of teaching?

“My favorite aspect of teaching is sharing my joy of science and how they are interconnected.”

What made you want to teach at Esperanza?

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be Mrs. Reta’s long-term substitute for her classes this year and I’m so excited to be part of this great school!”

What is your goal for your students this year? 

“My goal for my students is for them to connect with and learn the content so they can do well.”

What are your interests outside of teaching? 

“My interests outside of school involve spending time with family and friends, good food, reading, and all things Disney.”