Which Pie is most popular to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?

Haley Laitinen, Reporter

Thanksgiving: A time of love, unity, gathering, feasting, and pie! It is factual that 94 percent of Americans eat pie on Thanksgiving Day (Brian Amick). The three top choices include those of Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and Pecan Pie. Pumpkin Pie is stated 31% in popularity leaving Apple and Pecan Pie to 18%. These numbers support the popularity of pie – Pumpkin taking the lead. 

Over the years, Pumpkin has been used in many shapes and forms. It originated with the Native Americans who first introduced pumpkin to the primary settlers. The early colonists used pumpkin to fill in the crust of pies, but it wasn’t common to be used for the main part of the pie. Additionally, in the late 1800s, pumpkin seeds were used for health reasons to improve conditions. Similar to today, Pumpkin Pie has been stated to improve vision and one’s immune system. The use of pumpkin evolved over the years as pumpkin pie became more popular all around the United States. 

The use of pumpkin evolved so much to the point where Americans should question whether they are eating pumpkin or not. Fun fact, most Pumpkin Pies do not even contain pumpkin! Instead, chefs use squash to fill up their “pumpkin” pies.

One of Pumpkin pie’s greatest competitors to bring to the Thanksgiving table is Apple pie. Apple’s convey family unity and remind people of home. It has been mentioned that “Seeds were brought to the colonies by the Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. One of the few comfort foods reminiscent of home, apples quickly grew in popularity” (Eric Colleary). Not only are they sweet, but also a very healthy choice for all individuals. 

Unlike the false advertising of pumpkin pie, apple pie is mainly made up of apple ingredients. Both pies are a healthy choice and can boost the immune system overall. Each would be a great addition to the family table for Thanksgiving, reminding family members of the joy they can feel as they feast all together.