Hailey Espinoza, Reporter

Heading into the end of the year brings excitement, closure, and the opportunities for new beginnings. However all of that excitement can be rushed with the reality check that finals are quickly coming upon us. Every year of school gets progressively harder as we acquire more knowledge this clearly becomes evident in high school when students are faced with finals. Depending on the class finals are the test to see how much students have learned over the course of the semester. They allow teachers and counselors to understand where the students are academically. 

 Getting ready for finals is one of the most stressful processes of the year, for both students and teachers. Teachers prepare all of the work, calm down their students, and are prepared to be there for students who need help. Tests can cause major headaches and cause students to get tensed and stressed.

 Some tips to make it through finals are: getting enough sleep, because not getting enough can really have an effect on brain function, chewing gum or having a mint relaxes the mind and helps to focus. The main key to keep in mind is to study what needs to be known, use all study guides to take some of the nerves and butterflies away. Remember to eat a good breakfast and take a break every now and then, these times are crazy but it can be taken on within two hours and then it’s over. Each student handles the stress of finals differently, ¨ Something that helps me get prepared for finals is getting good sleep and just managing my time  well because if I have a lot of work on a certain day I get very overwhelmed but if I space it all out then it helps be less stressed¨.