A Look Into The Medical Science Academy


Samantha Ericson, Reporter

Esperanza High school offers a variety of specialized pathways. The class referred to as the MSA, or the Medical Sciences Academy offers students a look into the medical field. The pathway is broken down into three classes, all teaching the basics of a medical career. Each level of the pathway focuses on different materials. MC1 is all about the fundamentals, such as medical terminology, and professionalism. MC2 focuses more on Pathophysiology and MC3 is the capstone class for seniors who have passed either of the first two classes.


  “My favorite part of the medical academy is learning about specific body systems and then performing labs and skills that put our knowledge of these systems into use,” said HOSA president Esha Jhawar. Esha also expressed that she “enjoys using the Anatomage Table to perform surgical procedures and diversify our understanding of human anatomy.”   


 In addition to the medical classes, the academy also hosts the HOSA club which stands for Health Occupations Students of America.  In the HOSA club, students learn leadership skills and bring much-needed community awareness. A way they are able to do this is through community services projects like “Cardmaking for Kendra”, where over 100 cards were made by Esperanza students for Kendra, a leukemia patient.      


  “Many skills, medical or not, can be learned. For example public speaking, group work, blood pressures, hematocrits, temperatures, capillary punctures, and urinalysis”, said junior Sam Hatch. “It’s an amazing opportunity to learn and gain important skills, whether or not you have a medical career in the future.”


 When asked why students enjoy the MSA program, many point to Mrs. Easton.  As she is a kind and patient teacher that has passion for her program and instills it in all her students. 


“I would definitely recommend this program to any student remotely interested in medicine or pursuing a career in the medical field. Esperanza’s medical academy allows students to see if the medical field is right for them by developing a better understanding of medicine and professionalism,” said Jhawar. “It is also an exclusive opportunity, as it is not offered in many schools, which gives students in this academy an upper hand when applying to college and medical school”.