Alyssa Kubo Commits to HIU


Senior Alyssa Kubo is exited to attend Hope International University in the fall on a basketball scholarship.

Katie Flanagan, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Alyssa Kubo recently committed to Hope International University on a basketball scholarship! She is planning on majoring in kinesiology and is interested in sports medicine and physical training. 

Kubo has been playing basketball since she was in kindergarten. Along with gaining athletic skills, she has also learned the power of discipline and determination.

“Basketball was really good for me because it helped me learn a lot of skills like hard work, being a leader, and communicating well and being a team player,” said Kubo. “And I think that was really important for me to learn growing up and those are some skills I take today.” 

Hope International University is a private school located in Fullerton, California. Kubo feels both a mixture of nerves and excitement for her future in college. 

“I’m nervous about not going to school with my friends and being new to the place. One thing that is good is that it is a private school and it is smaller. Hopefully I can find my way better,” said Kubo. “I am looking forward to a fresh start and meeting a lot of new people. I think that will be really exciting for me.” 

Playing on the EHS girl’s basketball team from freshman year to senior year also shaped her high school experience. Although the games and tournaments itself were enjoyable, “being with the team” is what Kubo treasured the most. 

“It was like a family with all the girls and it was honestly the best part of being on the team.”