Staff Interview: Mr. and Mrs. Owens


Mr. and Mrs. Owens on a hike

Ethan Vartanian, Contributor


What do you like about being a teacher?

  • Mrs. Owens: I enjoy the relationships that can be developed with students, making connections. I hope they develop a love of literature, too!
  • Mr. Owens: Every day is different, in a positive way, a new adventure. 

How long have you been at EHS?

  • Mr. Owens: as a coach, 21 years; as a teacher 18 years
  • Mrs. Owens: 25 years teaching, but I graduated from here, too.

What do you think about working at the same school?

  • Mr. Owens: It’s cool bc we can see each other and communicate.
  • Mrs. Owens: It’s fun to share with students. Sometimes it’s beneficial when we share a student and can work together with a student. It also helps to be together as we can share what is happening or will be happening that day at home.

How would you spend a day off?

  • Mrs. Owens: Sleep in, go for a run, maybe be at the beach watching or maybe trying to play some volleyball.
  • Mr. Owens: I would BBQ and hang out with family.

If you could visit any place in the world outside of North America, where would it be?

  • Mrs. Owens: We would probably be somewhere in Europe. We’ve been fortunate to travel and have some great family memories there.
  • Mr. Owens: Italy

If you could take a family vacation anywhere in the world where would it be

  • Mrs. Owens This summer we are going to Switzerland, Munich, Austria and the French Alps, but I would also welcome a road trip domestically.
  • Mr. Owens Florence, Italy