Teacher of the week: Mrs. Sypherd

Teacher of the week: Mrs. Sypherd

Ethan Vartanian, Contributor

What is your favorite thing about teaching at EHS?

  • I love that the staff here genuinely care about the students and want to find a way for everyone to feel recognized, included, and involved. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

  • I like to spend time with my family, take my dog for walks, garden, and watch television (especially HGTV and Food Network).

What’s your favorite sport?

  • I’m not talented enough to play any sports, but my husband is a big Angel’s fan, so I’ll watch baseball games with him sometimes.

How long have you been at EHS?

  • I started with Esperanza in the fall of 2012, so this is my 9th year here.

What is the best part of working with kids?

  • I like helping others, so I think the best part of my job is getting to feel like I helped another person. I appreciate that I get to know students across their full time at Esperanza, so by the time they reach graduation, I feel really connected to them and proud of their accomplishments.

If you could visit any country outside North America, which one and why?

  • I would love to go to St. Thomas Island or almost anywhere in the Caribbean. I would like to go snorkeling and visit the Pirate Treasure Museum.