“Stranger Things” Season 4 Finally Announced


Alyx Pawlawski, Editor

After years of waiting, the fourth season of “Stranger Things” is finally going to be released on Netflix.

The announcement came on February 17, 2022 on the official “Stranger Things” Instagram and Twitter accounts, along with four new posters to tease the upcoming season. 

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer explained in the announcement that the long wait was due to “nine scripts, over eight-hundred pages, almost two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice the length of any previous season”. Because of its length, the Duffers said that the season is set to be released in two volumes. Volume One releasing on May 27th, and Volume Two releasing 5 weeks later on July 1st. 

The brothers continued the announcement by explaining that seven years ago, they “planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things”, predicting at the time that the story they wanted to tell “would last four to five seasons”. They confirmed that season five will be the final season, as the story they want to tell is too long to fit in just four seasons. 

Fans were thrilled with the announcement as it ended their agonizing wait for a release date. And now that a release date has been confirmed, fans finally have something to look forward to, and the real wait for the show can begin.

The announcement ends with the brothers assuring fans that “there are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things”, including “new mysteries, new adventures,” and even “new unexpected heroes”.