Varsity Dance: National Champions 2022


Jacey Beery, Reporter

  Esperanza Varsity Dance has taken the 2022 National Championship title at their nationals over the past weekend. They won this title with their medium jazz routine and soloist Annabella Cuccia was in the top 10 soloists during the competition. The Competition took place at the Anaheim Convention Center, and it was a tiring two days. Being their last nationals, the seniors were thankful to go out on a great ending.

  Senior Ileanna Holiday said she loved, “the challenge.” With the seniors being, “..the only girls on our team who have competed on the nationals floor,” and, “..knowing nothing about the other teams..we had to step it up.” She was proud to say, “we ended up placing really high and winning which was crazy and such a good feeling.” Because of the pandemic, the seniors were the only class on the varsity dance team to have competed at the national level, so it was a new experience for most of the girls. After the many hours spent practicing during zero and first period every day, they put in the work to be ready. Freshman Starly Beery adds, “Getting to bond with my team was the best part for me. Of course it’s fun to win but it was even more fun to get to do the thing I love surrounded by my biggest supporters.” 

  One of the reasons that the team has been so successful is because of their support for one another and ability to push each other to be their best. They have many bonding activities outside of school, which has paid off and made their dancing even stronger. The girls will be getting ready for next year’s season and begin welcoming new freshmen onto the team over the summer.