Come join the Esperanza High School Swim Team!


Ethan Vartanian, Contributor

Esperanza High School has many different sports to choose from. One of them is swimming. It is a great program that allows you to work out can make you stronger and you can make friendships.  Once you start being in the sport you will enjoy it. The team participates in meets against other high schools in our conference. They practice 5 days a week and they also lift 4 days a week.

Here’s what the coaches say about the program:

”  Great exercise, great teammates build character in young me and women, and it shows everyone if you work hard you’ll improve”. Says varsity head coach Galen.

It teaches “Leadership, aerobic fitness, goal setting, and future life skills ”

stated girls swim coach Annette.

”  It teaches responsibility, and gives everyone a chance to participate and to achieve success”.   says frosh/soph coach Kyle.

It teaches ” Discipline, responsibility to get up in the morning and it builds character,” says varsity assistant coach Jay.

I am part of the swim program and enjoy working out with our team every day and the most rewarding part for all swimmers is seeing yourself improve. Even though I am a sophomore, I enjoy working out with my group and getting to know the other swimmers and coaches.

Swimming is a great way to make friends and work out.set goals and experiences you didn’t do before and won’t forget. I enjoy every day whether it’s swimming for a whole day or even just weight lifting.

“Great group of guys, teaches life lessons for any point of your life and always being included in a caring team looking to make a run for something great” stated Senior Ian Birtler.

The boys open(frosh/soph) won the league for their level this season. The girl’s team won all their levels but, tied for first for frosh/soph. (2022) The girls that went to CIF are Hailey, Jilian, Kiana, Alyssa, and Jasmine -congrats to these girls for their dedication and hard work!

Come join the Esperanza swim team and make friends, learn new things, and most importantly have fun! This is an amazing program and no matter what skill level you have, you will still have a great time! We have wonderful coaches who care about the swimmers and how they do it.  This is a great way to make friends, try something new, relieve stress, get involved in a sport, or simply just have fun.