Esperanza Admin Favorite Colleges

Regan Cutshall, Reporter

Administrators at Esperanza were questioned as to what college they liked the best out of the estimated 5,300 colleges located in the United States. Both Mrs. Winters and Ms. Olivarria said that their favorite college was Cal State Fullerton. The ladies explained that they both attended the college and how beautiful the campus is. Mrs. Winters even played volleyball for the school! When asked the question of what college she liked best, Mrs. Beu said she was very fond of Cal Poly Pomona because a relative attended the school. Mrs. Murphy also chose a school because a relative attended, she explained that her grandmother used to tell her stories about going to USC in the 1930’s. This was when women were starting to become accepted into the college scene. The Esperanza campus security, Christina and Cory, both chose schools because of the excellent criminal justice programs. Christina talked about how Ohio State had one of the best programs in the country. Cory said that the University of Maryland was not only well respected, but the location captured the beauty of the east coast.