Much Needed Break


Regan Cutshall, Reporter

Every student looks forward to summer after a long 9 months of dedication and hard work throughout the school year. Student, Lily Reimbold, said that she will be working at her job, JCPenney, and saving money for her first year in college at Cypress Community College. Jacey Beery will be taking in the sun this summer when she visits her beach house and takes on a summer job as a lifeguard. One of our graduating seniors, Haley Laitinen, explains that she will get to spend some quality time with her brother, who just returned from a 2 year mission trip from Spain. Riley Howard gets a chance to celebrate becoming a high school graduate as she takes a 10 day trip to Hawaii. Summer is a time when students can go on adventures and enjoy being a kid. The school year is not the only time that students learn and grow, summer makes an impact too.