Junior Student of the Week


Emily Sun

Anna Manthei, Editor

Emily Sun is a Junior at Esperanza High School, who is the lead trumpet in the Esperanza Entertainment Unit, as well as a player on the volleyball team. One of Emily’s favorite classes is jazz band because she has “been in the music program” since fifth grade, and feels that music has “become a pretty large part” of her life. Being a student can be stressful, but Emily emphasizes how music has helped her enjoy coming to school because she loves, “being able to spread some sort of message through music.” Another of Emily’s favorite classes is AP English Language and Composition because she believes that, “writing is a very important aspect of getting ready to be an adult.” She expresses an appreciation for Ms. Leonard because, “she’s very personal with the kids” and, “she makes sure to get to know them,” which is a quality she admires in a teacher. After high school, Emily “would love to go to college,” specifically UC Davis because she aspires to be a small animal veterinarian. Coming back from Covid-19, Emily believes that a lot has changed about society and that life will always be different in the post-covid world. People are “constantly comparing” life from before the pandemic to life during the pandemic, and Emily points out that life after the pandemic is not the same as either of those time periods. She believes that “Covid was an opportunity to reflect,” and that it was a time of change because people had a lot of time to think about what they wanted to better or change about themselves. Congratulations Emily on being the junior student of the week!