The Worst Thanksgiving Food

Sophia Masciale, Editor

It’s the fourth Thursday of November, and people from across the country wake up and already smell the aroma of their families preparing their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. The turkey waiting to be put in the oven, the mashed potatoes ready to be skinned and mashed, and lastly all of the deviously taunting dessert recipes on the counter and the family starts to get really excited…. then all of a sudden the recipes everyone dreads to see or even look at during this time of year start to appear. When diving deeper into the worst thanksgiving foods, let’s see some opinions on what the worst thanksgiving foods are.


  1. Candied Yams                           

We are going to start off with Candied Yams. Honestly nobody really even knows what these are, if you ask anyone people will say that they kind of sound like knock-off sweet potatoes. Another reason is that they are healthy. Most Americans don’t think about calories from the end of November to the end of December. Everyone can start to worry about their new gym membership and New Years’ resolution workouts at the beginning of the new year. On a Thanksgiving plate, it should all be balanced, sweet on one side and savory on the other, and with this awful dish, they are just mixed in one food. 


  1. Cranberry sauce:                         

 The next food that is honestly just repulsive is Cranberry Sauce. First of all, nobody likes it, it literally just plops out of the can onto the plate. The only person who eats it in the family is the grandparents. They even have their own personal plate with just that on it. Don’t even get started on the consistency of this slop. It is a chunky jello-type texture that grosses many people out. To continue hating on this dish, the color is honestly repulsive to look at. It’s not red, but not burgundy, it is like this brown-reddish color. 

  1. Sweet Potato Casserole:                                   

Sweet potato casserole, despised by many, loved by few. When you see that revolting dish of mush come out of the oven, it may even make one of the guests want to just walk out of the house immediately. When talking to people about this dish, many say it has the same look, texture, and taste like baby food. Many people get fooled by the mixture of brown sugar, and marshmallows. Don’t be fooled, everything that glitters isn’t always gold, this is not going to be a magical dish when in reality it is just a pile of mush. 


  1. Stuffing:              

 Last and certainly least is the most atrocious, repulsive, just revolting dish of them all… STUFFING. When thinking of thanksgiving most people look forward to the best dishes like mashed potatoes, rolls, turkey, and different desserts. Except there is always that food that nobody likes and that is stuffing. It’s extremely dry, imagine taking a huge bite of dirt. Many may question what flavor stuffing is, but will soon find out that stuffing has no flavor whatsoever, and is the blandest food to be on the table on Thanksgiving. Last but not least, we have to talk about the texture of this horrendous dish. Along with stuffing being dry and flavorless, stuffing’s texture is just very odd. It is crunchy on the outside but kinda mushy on the inside. When looking at stuffing it kind of looks like baby vomit, but that’s ok because some people like it. I can proudly say I am not one of those people. I despise stuffing, I always have and always will.