Aztlan Reporter: Brandon Garcia


Lisa Winchell, Editor-In-Chief

A reflection from Brandon Garcia as senior year hits the halfway point. 

Brandon has faced many challenges from his first to his senior year. Brandon’sBrandon’s most significant life challenge has been “being a freshman in high school because it’s just so brand new.” As years have passed, he has now been able to reflect on it as a senior. This challenge he faced in his first year has affected Brandon as it “set me up to make a better experience in high school.” Although a challenge, positive experiences came out of it for Brandon. Overcoming this challenge was for the best; Brandon overcame his challenge “by not caring as much. I cared about school but stopped caring about the non-important things in general. It was hard initially, but I got used to it afterward.” 

Along his journey Brandon has been uncertain of what he has been most proud of as he “doesn’t have one thing I’m proud of; maybe I like working. I work at a Boba Shop that I like.” Working has been a good challenge and change for Brandon, opening new experiences and opportunities. For this, he is proud of what he has accomplished with his work life as it has been from the “people I met, like my coworkers. I wouldn’t call them coworkers anymore; they are like family to me now.” Working did not seem like much to Brandon at first, but now he can’t imagine life without meeting his coworkers; things turned out for the best. 

While many new difficulties have arises, Brandon has overcome them all through the inspiration and admiration of his mom. 

As Brandon’s work life at the Boba shop has collided with his school life, it would seem to raise issues. Lucky for Brandon, it hasn’t been an issue for Brandon as when it comes to balancing Brandsons’s personal life with his work life, he “doesn’t balance it. It’s either one thing or the other, but I get it done.” Brandon can stay focused on one matter at a time and get the job done for work and his personal life. 

One of Brandon’s biggest passions is cars; it gives Bradson something to work at and create.

In his free time, Brandon spends his time “getting on my phone and watching the walking dead; it’s my favorite show.”

Lastly, with this reflection on Brandon and how far he has gotten to his senior year, he has a piece of advice to offer to the audience. Brandon wants the audience to know that they should “Just live life; I mean, you only live once, right.”