Interview With Luke Secoda

Andy Liu, contributor

Today we are going to interview luke he is a 12th gread in esperanza high school and i have 10 questions for him 

Q:“What is your favourite sport?

A: “baseball because i can having fun with my teammates”,

Q: Who is your favourite teacher? 

A: Mr. Perez because nice and understanding.

Q: Which is your favourite part of school?

A: be able to learn, play with friends and be able to play sports.

Q: What’s your favourite class?

A: Journalism because lot of friend in there and also like it

Q: Do you have a plan for next year?

A: go to the Community College.

Q: When do you want to get your first job?

A: When I finish college I will go find a job.

Q: When you think you can live by yourself

A: When I have a job then I think I can live by myself.

Q: What is your goal for this year?

A: I want to get all A’s for my classces.

Q: What did you do at thanksgiving

A: Staying with my family the whole thanksgiving.

Q: What kind of job do you want after you finish school?

A: Something that is the same as what I learned in college.

That is my interview for luke thanks for luke let us record and thanks for reading the passage hope you all have a nice weekend.