Student of the week Angel Romero


Luke Secoda, Reporter

Talented varsity starting pitcher Angel Romero talks about the Aztecs high expectations for baseball season and his school life.  Angel Romero also has a twin brother on the team, he is catcher Adrian Romero. “Our team has been working really hard this year and we have multiple D1 talents in our pitching rotation as well”. Romero is confident in his team and is ready for any challenges or adversity he will face in the season. He is not only a baseball player, but enjoys watching MLB baseball. “My favorite baseball team is the dodgers because I grew up in the Los Angeles area and many of their players and pitchers inspire me to work hard”. The competitive nature of Romero infects his team around him and helps push the team to be better, but he is not only passionate about sports. “One of my proudest accomplishments in high school is finishing last year with a 3.5 GPA”. “Our team plays Chino Hills on February 11th at home and we could not be more excited to play.” Romero is an ambitious student athlete and  should be exciting to watch him in the upcoming baseball season for the Aztecs. Make sure to come out and watch him play in the home opener against Chino Hills.