Staff of the week- Mrs.DeRose


Gabe Puertas, Reporter

My name is Jane DeDose I am an office clerk here at Esperanza High School.


How long have you been here at Esperanza High School?


This is my 6th year at Esperanza high school, once an Aztec, always an Aztec.


Why did you choose to work here at Esperanza?


When I got this job it was an opportunity to work full time and I have been with the district since 2004 so this was a nice opportunity to work full time and I like Esperanza. My children went there. My daughter is from the class of 2006 and my son is from the class of 2013.


What are your kids studying right now?


My Daughter when she was in the class of ‘06 she really loved the choir program and the dance program, so for 2 years she did show choir which was all girls back in the day and in her last 2 years she did dance and she loved that and then she went on to Cal State Fullerton she was a make-up artist for MAC so she went to Cal State Fullerton to get a bachelor science degree in theater and production. My son is an electrician but back in the day when he was here he rode motocross so he was able to get zero periods so he could get out earlier because all of the tracks are out in the inland empire so he and my husband would be driving way out so Mr. Dominguez, who was one of the APes here years ago so he helped him, turned in on how to turn in how many hours he worked with the trainer and things like that. My son was also involved in FCA and met lifelong friends.


How long have you been married?


We will celebrate 36 years on February 21st.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?


Well I love our family we have 3 grandchildren and a fourth one coming at the end of May and our granddaughters are 4 they say grandma your school has a bridge, the last day before break so they came and the gates were still opened and so we walked up the bridge and they were waving to all the cars and we went to go see Ms. Lily in attendance we walked through the office and went back up the bridge and they think the fact that we have a bridge is the best thing so I love spending time with them. I also love going to the movies. If I could, I would go to the theater every week. Love Broadway musicals and have been to New York a couple of times. It’s amazing to go see plays there. I love walking. We go to Yorba Linda regional park.


What did you do to get to the place you are today?


I went to Rosary High School in Fullerton after that I did a semester at Fullerton college and studied different business classes. My friend told me to take a choir class so we just laughed our way through it. Then I went to a business college and got a certificate. Then I started working at the Carl jr headquarters then my daughter was born. Then I worked as a secretary in Anaheim and it was all in homework so I worked part time so I could be home with my daughter. Then I started working with the district and I started at Travis Ranch Elementary School but then the economy went through a recession in 2008 and it eliminated my position there then they moved me to Fairmount Elementary School then they eliminated my position there then they moved me to El Camino Real then got eliminated there so then I worked at the district when I was working at the district I missed interacting with kids then they moved here in the office.


If you could change one thing, what would you change?


There are some days when the office is a little quiet so I wished there were some more office personnel here. We have our amazing campus supervisors but since I am over here at west campus there is a huge difference between the main campus office. I am counting many blessings.