How to Improve your Mental Health

Natalie Mizeracki, Reporter

Today I will be discussing a few ways to be happier this upcoming year. Each one of us wants to be happy, and the good news is that it is perfectly attainable for anyone willing to work for it. Read this article for some techniques on how to improve your general well-being.

As my dad has a decent mental health, I asked him for some tips on how to be happier. Here is what he said…

I think that gratitude is important, you have to train your mind to see the good everywhere. It takes time for gratitude to become part of your nature. Don’t just wait until Thanksgiving, it should be a daily thing.

It doesn’t cost anything to be grateful, plus it makes you happier! This should be a no-brainer. Let’s move on to more happiness strategies.

Exercise. I find it very effective to exercise outside, whether that be swimming, hiking, or biking. Not only is it physical, the exercise is also psychological. When you are biking, you are experiencing the scenery passing by as well as the birds chirping.

I asked my dad for one last technique. This is what he had to say…

Faith. Faith gives you a purpose for living and guides you to make the right choices in life. Doing good things for others is what God wants, and this can also give us happiness and fulfillment.

I hope these techniques will help you find joy in your life. Thank you for reading!