Saddle up for Sadie’s!

Natalie Mizeracki, Reporter

Today, I will be discussing Esperanza High School’s yearly “Sadies” dance, as well as asking a former Sadie’s attendee about his experience. The dance takes place on Friday, February 24th, and is from 7PM-10PM. This school dance is different from others because this time, girls ask the guys out.

Did you know that Sadies has a different theme every year? Last year, the theme was “Dance or Dye.” White shirts were available to students upon buying the ticket so that everyone could dress up according to theme. At entry, staff members threw dry paint at students so they were sprinkled with red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange paint, head to toe. I interviewed Elvis Starbuck, who went to Sadie’s last year so he could tell you more about the experience.

To start the interview, I asked Starbuck what kind of attractions were at Sadie’s last year. He said “there was a place to take photos with friends and a spot to get airbrush tattoos. Additionally, a truck with ice cream was available to cool you down. The best part was the mosh pit, which was very loud and cramped. However, it was entertaining to dance to the music while surrounded by people.”

For the next question, I asked him about his overall experience at the dance. I asked who he went with and if it was fun. This is how he responded…“Overall, the dance was mediocre. It was fun in parts, like the tattoos and pictures, but it was mostly boring because there wasn’t much to do. I went with you.”

For the final quote, I asked Starbuck “Would you go to Sadies again?” He said “Yes, but there should be some improvements. There should be more entertaining activities besides dancing. I’m going this year because it’s my senior year and I might as well go to every dance.”

If that sounded like fun, make sure you buy some tickets. They are $35 with ASB, and $40 without. If you don’t purchase one in time, don’t fret! Tickets are $50 at the door. Elvis advises you to “take advantage of your time, and go to the dances while you can.” Have fun, Aztecs!