Esperanza Choral Music’s Guest Artist Concert with a Broadway Star


Katie Floback, Contributor

On March 23rd, Esperanza Choral Music had its Guest Artist Concert at Valencia High School’s Auditorium. The Guest Artist was Ta-Tynisa Wilson who is currently in Hamilton on Broadway. During the week of the concert, the choir students got to rehearse with Wilson and ask her any questions they had. In Hamilton, Ta-Tynisa Wilson is in the ensemble but also is an understudy for all of the Schuyler sisters (Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy) and has performed all of those roles many times. She booked Hamilton through an open audition, and after many additional auditions, she was told she finally booked the part. She is from Illinois and her high school choir teacher was Esperanza’s very own Mr. Myers. Some of her other notable achievements include being a runner-up on American Idol Season 10, and she lived in Japan where she was a Lead Vocalist in R&B The Mix at Universal Studios Japan. This Guest Artist opportunity meant a lot to the choir students. It showed the students that they can make it big in acting and really taught them the lesson to not give up on dreams as they can come true as they did for Ta-Tynisa Wilson. It felt incredible to perform with such a successful singer and the choir students were so happy they got the opportunity to sing with her and they were amazed throughout the whole concert at how talented she is. The week leading up to the concert was fun for the choir students as they got to practice with Ta-Tynisa Wilson and she helped give feedback and enhance the performance for the concert. Ta-Tynisa Wilson was such a talented, kind, and overall incredible person to get to hang out with both in classes and on stage at the concert. This experience will be one of the choir students’ favorite memories from choir this year.