Meet Your Prom Royalty

We asked our prom court the following 15 questions, and these are the answers they gave us:

  1. Who are you going to prom with?
  2. How many people are going in your prom group?
  3. What are you guys doing for dinner before the dance?
  4. From getting dressed up, pictures, dinner, the drive and the actual dance, what is your favorite part of the prom day? Why?
  5. Describe your prom outfit, how are you going to rock it?
  6. What did you enjoy most about last year’s prom?
  7. Excluding yourself, who do you want to win prom king and queen and why?
  8. If you win prom king or queen, what would be the quote or piece of worldly advice you would share with your fellow Aztecs?
  9. Name a few songs you hope the DJ plays.
  10. When you hit the dance floor, what is your signature “go-to” move that will get the dance floor shaking?
  11. What’s been your favorite senior memory so far?
  12. What’s been your favorite memory at EHS?
  13. With less than 34 days left of high school, what’s left to accomplish before you leave EHS?
  14. If you could go back and change one thing in high school, what would it be?
  15. Finally, what advice would you give to the Juniors on deck to be Seniors?

Mihir Bihanji

  1. Going with his close friends.
  2. Bringing 3 friends.
  3. Mediterranean food.
  4. Dinner because it’s fun to hang out with friends and eat good food.
  5. Suit with a nice watch and Jordans.
  6. Dancing and being with friends.
  7. Matt Calavitta and Audrey Almeida
  8. Always have a plan.
  9. Broken Arrows: Avicii, Adventure of a Lifetime: Coldplay, Tiptop Imagine Dragons
  10. The Worm.
  11. Going to wrestling tournaments with friends.
  12. Going to Reno for a wrestling tournament
  13. To make memories and have a fun time.
  14. Tell me to be prepared and always have a plan.
  15. Know what you want to do for senior year.

Jordan Flores

  1. His girlfriend Darla.
  2. There will be around ten people in his prom group.
  3. They might get sushi or pizza.
  4. The after-party with everyone is the best part.
  5. He is matching with his girlfriend wearing a gray suit with a lilac bow tie.
  6. The Fortnite clips that they played.
  7. Ian Birtler and Mihir Bhanji.
  8. “Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while”
  9. Family ties, no hands, and any ice spice song
  10. The giddy is his go-to along with the whip and nae nae.
  11. Driving his friends around since they do not have cars.
  12. That one volleyball game.
  13. He wants to become president of the world.
  14. He would change his haircut freshman year.
  15. He says don’t take APES.

Kai Fujimoto

  1. My Friends
  2. 6
  3. We eat on our own
  4. Dressing up and seeing how I look
  5. Style and class
  6. Karaoke
  7. Alaina or Ireland for Queen; they are my best friends; Jordan for King; he is very funny
  8. Sometimes it takes a dark time to find the light
  9. Any Backstreet Boys songs
  10. ?
  11. Being on Prom Court (very funny)
  12. Making all of my friends
  13. Having more fun
  14. Meeting more of my friends earlier
  15. Be safe and stay great Aztecs

(I’m the one with the necklace in the picture)


  1. I’m going with the boys
  2. 23 of us
  3. Going to tempo for sushi
  4. The prom bus ride there and back
  5. Black suit, purple tie, gold chain, and watch
  6.  Most definitely the prom bus the after party
  7. Ian & Nora because they know how to have fun
  8. Be authentic and don’t change yourself for others or labels
  9.  Hotel Lobby & Heads will roll
  10. The sprinkler
  11. Doing the class rap this year
  12. Being a part of the blonde boys freshman year
  13. Win CIF in baseball
  14. I would not change a thing because everything happens for a reason
  15. Make the most out of the senior year because it goes by quickly

Ian Birtler

  1. I am going with my girlfriend and my group of friends.
  2. I believe 6 people are in my group.
  3. We’re going to BJ’s and I’m going to absolutely munch.
  4. The dance because it’s a fun experience, especially since this is my senior prom.
  5. A normal black tux, and a wine-red bow tie.
  6. The location was nice, but the karaoke machine was definitely my favorite part.
  7. Ethan Bigani and Nora because they are the most deserving out of everyone.
  8. Believe in yourself and you can achieve whatever your heart desires.
  9. Bartender -T. Pain, Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran, Locked Up -Akon./
  10. The worm is my signature.
  11. Senior Night for water polo, it was a night full of emotions but it was a great night recognizing the seniors.
  12. Asking my girlfriend out freshman year.
  13. Passing.
  14. I would change how I approached the school in the past years.
  15. Don’t slip up, stay strong throughout the entire year, and don’t let the senioritis get to you.

Macario Calavitta

  1. Taylor Sanders.
  2. 10.
  3. Cheesecake Factory.
  4. Dinner, because I like food.
  5. Just a suit and tie.
  6. I didn’t go to last year’s prom.
  7. Mahir, he’s a good friend, and Maddie, because she goes to my church.
  8. Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can.
  9. Fireball, Payphone, Sexy and I Know It.
  10. Gangnam style
  11. I asked Mrs. Leonard to go to the bathroom and…well, the rest is inappropriate for this, so if you see me ask me to finish the story 🙂
  12. Morp 2022
  13. Ace my classes and get healthy.
  14. Build more connections freshman year.
  15. Time flies, be sure to enjoy it!