Spring Football 2023

Noah Puertas, Reporter

                Spring football is when football players get prepared and ready for the upcoming season and summer. I asked Aaron Forsgren

Coen Ali, WR,FS

and Coen Ali how spring was going. Aaron said it is going good and it is helping him and his teammates get better for the upcoming season. Coen thinks it’s going great because it is a great way to mentally and physically prepare for summer and the season. They both think Coach JP is a great coach and has a lot in store for them and the team. Aaron and Coen think that these coaches are a lot better and that it feels more 

Aaron Forsgren, MLB, RB

like a family with the bond, they have with them. They think the relationship has grown very fast and love all the coaches equally. I asked if they think the upcoming season is going to be a very successful season. Aaron states that he knows they will be better and more successful compared to last year. Knowing that it is Aarons’s senior year he will make the best of it and help in any way he can to take the team to CIF. Coen knows that they will be more successful because of the relationship and the time and effort they put into making the team/ program better. Aaron’s plan for the offseason is to put in all of the work and lifting he can to benefit himself and the team. He goes to the field with college athletes to make himself better. Coen is doing all the work he can on the field so it can benefit the team and himself. Both of these athletes plan on playing for a D1 college football program after high school. Aaron is getting a lot of interest from a couple of D1 schools such as UCLA, Weber State, and Fresno State. Utah State is Coen’s dream college and he plans on going there. The Esperanza Football team will be very successful this 2023 season.