Apology to My Bank Account After Sadies

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Delaney Sinclair, Reporter

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Apology to My Bank Account After Sadies

Dear Bank Account,

The Sadies Hawkins dance was just a few nights ago, and I have to apologize. I never meant to take so much money out of you, but at the time, I thought it was for a good cause.

$30 just for me would have been slightly less aggressive, but I had to pay for my date too making it $60. The relatively decorative shirt and glow in the dark cotton candy just weren’t worth what I thought it was.

Usually, I only have to ask you for $20 each year, but this time, I was out of luck. Not to mention I don’t make enough as an average high school student to be throwing around that kind of money. It doesn’t just grow on trees. Although, I wish it did.

I thought that utilizing my purchase and enjoying all of the little extra things this dance had to offer would be worth every penny. The balloon arches, airbrush tattoos, and cotton candy distribution definitely had their perks. Not to mention the fun dance environment, but $30? Really?

Let me just say that it could have been far worse. Many of my friends had to purchase their tickets later than the first week they went on sale. Most people need extra time to figure out who they will ask and how. This meant some of them were paying up to $60 for a single ticket. If they had a date to pay for that would be up to $120!

Anyways, I just wanted to apologize and let you know where my head was at for this purchase. I will definitely be saving up for a while. Oh, wait, Prom is coming soon!


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