Pipers Creek Geese Invade the Soccer Fields

Delaney Sinclair

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October 30, 2019

On our campus, there is a group of Pipers Creek geese that migrate onto our soccer field and main campus during certain points of the year. This situation has struck controversy and class disturbances.

These birds are often around the 200 building, near many of the classes. Though these birds may cause disruptions, they can’t be moved.

Maintaining their status as a bird sanctuary has remained important for the Yorba Linda community. This essentially means that no birds can be harmed or disturbed in the surrounding area. Although our school is in Anaheim, it is near the border of Yorba Linda, meaning the same regulations apply.

Several of the students have expressed grievances due to the geese. Many Aztecs walk along the edge of the field during the morning and come into contact with them daily.

“They are genuinely terrifying when I have to be in close proximity to them because I think they are going to eat me,” said Marissa Berridge, senior.

They cause disruptions and can be a safety hazard to our students and staff. Even some teachers take certain precautions of their own to get rid of the geese.  Bill Pendleton, a language arts teacher, has specifically taken action of his own to prevent any further issues.

“Mr. Pendleton has me chase them, jersey’s in hand,” said Damon Harshman, senior.

Although many individuals see the geese as a hazard, some don’t mind it. Depending on the person, they could even be a delight.

“They are beautiful to watch. I love seeing them,” said Dave Tennant, social science teacher.

There may be several mixed opinions on the geese, but there isn’t much that can be done about them. Either way, they will definitely be back next year.