Netflix Vs. Hulu

Netflix is the superior option.


Netflix is easy to manage and has a lot of originals to choose from.

It’s a Sunday night and you don’t want to do homework, so instead you procrastinate and watch a show. But the real question is what do you watch it on, Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix is the obvious choice because they don’t have commercials and have more original content.

You can stream both from the computer, tablet or laptop. Netflix is worldwide, but Hulu is only available to the US and Japan. Netflix also has a feature where you can download any movie or show to watch offline when there is no internet available.

Hulu comes with commercials at the flat rate of $5.99 a month, but you can pay for no commercials at $11.99. Netflix comes commercial-free with the price of $8.99 a month. Hulu has an aspect where you can apply for an HBO subscription and add on $14.99 to whatever price you were paying before. So you would pay for HBO and your original Hulu price. All HBO shows or movies come with no commercials, but that is only for HBO. This can add up to 20 dollars a month which is very expensive when you can watch those shows with your Tv provider.

Hulu does not have HD resolution on any of their shows, but Netflix has it as the bottom line for any show. If you want you can also pay for Ultra HD resolution and four screens on Netflix for $15.99 a month.

As for their content Netflix has better shows and a vast variety. They have nostalgic shows such as “Friends”, “The Office” and “House of Cards”. They also have original content like “Bird Box”, “Grace and Frankie” and “13 Reasons Why”. Netflix puts more of an emphasis on their original programming than mainstream shows. These seasons are well known just as much as the Tv content.

If you want to watch a full show on Hulu, you might not be able to. Hulu sometimes only has random seasons or episodes of a show, but not the entirety from start to finish.

Netflix has more genres and a vast variety of shows to watch from. Hulu has a much more limited selection