Mrs. Newberry-U.S. History and Pre-Algebra


Samantha Mac, Contributor

What subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching?

“I teach Pre-Algebra and US History. This is my 1st year teaching History but it’s my 5th year teaching math.”

What connection do you have with these subjects?

“My connection to math is probably a lot more stronger and personal. As a student, I struggled with math, it was a very difficult thing for me. So to grow up and become a math teacher, I think is interesting because it’s exciting to be show kids that don’t think they are good or can do with math, that they can. And I like to be able to make connections and reach them in a way that shows them that they can be successful with a subject that’s difficult. “

“History is more of personal interest. I’ve been to many places like Washington D.C., our capital, and toured it a few times. Anytime I’m on vacation or abroad, I make sure to visit all of the historical sites like in Europe.”

What or Who is your biggest inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is absolutely my students. My favorite thing is when they realize that they can do something that they didn’t think they can do before.”

What made you interested in becoming a high school teacher?

“Well, I have been at the elementary and middle school level so the high school level would be an upgrade. I was super excited to be here because of the kids. I think it’s really cool to be a part of their last school experience before becoming an adult.”

What do you like most about working and teaching high school kids?

“I think teens are awesome, funny, fun and so unpredictable. I just love talking with my students and having the adult conversations that we can have. To hear their opinions and learning why you think the way you do is super cool and such an experience. Lastly, my students are a lot more “Tech-y” and can help me with any technical difficulties.”