12/19 Staff of the Week- Mr. Marshall


Gabe Puertas, reporter

How long have you been teaching here at Esperanza?

This is my 3rd year back teaching after I was gone for 11 years as an assistant principal at 3 different middle schools and I was here for 11 years before that.

What is your favorite thing about Esperanza?

I just love it because I started here and so I know all the teachers and a lot of the students and I am teaching some of my previous students’ kids which is pretty cool.

What do you teach here at Esperanza?

I teach PE and weights.

Do you have anyone or anything that motivates you to teach?

I’ve always been in athletics and coaching so this comes very naturally and so I like to help kids to become more athletic and more physically fit. 

How did you become a teacher and the place you are currently?

To get a teaching job I had to get a 4-year degree in kinesiology and I had to get a teaching credential and I did student teaching here at Esperanza and before I became an administer I had to get a master’s degree in school administration and I have to take a sexual harassment and mandated reporting test.

What other schools have you taught at?

I started here at Esperanza and then they moved me to Kraemer Middle then Bernardo Yorba Middle the Tuffree Middle then came back to Esperanza 

Where did you go to school?

I went to USC and transferred up to Fresno because I decided I wanted to wrestle and then I got hurt so I finished up at Fullerton.