Tips for studying for tests and quizes


Ethan Vartanian, Contributor

Studying can sometimes be stressful. Here are some tips for studying to be less stressed and to make sure you are prepared for your test/quiz


Tip #1 Make a schedule

To keep yourself on task, make a “schedule” of the classes you have homework,tests,quizzes. For example if you have math,la,and world history, do the one that stresses you out or takes you the longest first. That way it is out of the way.

Tip #2  Take Breaks.

If you are getting stressed out, then take a 5-10 minute break. For example, if you are getting stressed, go listen to music,read,or drink water before you  return to studying. This will help you clear your brain.

Tip#3 Study ahead of time

If you have an upcoming quiz or  test, start studying a couple nights before the day before the test so you do not get stressed out and cram it in for the night before (trust me it works).

Tip #4 Make a Schedule

If your teacher says you have 15 minutes to study during the class period, instead of looking on social media, and playing video games,review your study guide/material that will help you succeed.

Language arts teacher Mrs. Owens stated  “Studying should be started as soon as the material is introduced” she also stated “When studying,always take notes on your notes and anything you don’t know and create a new set of notes of anything you don’t know”. If you are familiar with Cornell notes, you always annotate your notes.

Some advice Mrs. Owens also gave is  “There  are a lot of kids who listen to music while studying, you  should try to mimic the testing situation.” “You should also study in a quiet place”.