Political corruption has hurt this famous baseball team


Aaron Valadez, Reporter

Reported by Yahoo! Sports and straight from the LA Times, Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu resigned Tuesday the 24 after “allegedly providing the Angels with confidential information twice during negotiations in hope of obtaining a $1 million donation from the team”. This came after reports that Angels owner Arte Moreno was supposedly expected to purchase the Angels Stadium and its surrounding property for a whopping total of $320 million. Sidhu did this for the alleged reason that he wanted to raise money for his upcoming reelection campaign in November of this year.

According to Yahoo! Sports, “Sidhu is accused of bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice and witness tampering but has not been formally charged with a crime.” The FBI began an investigation and received a recorded conversation between former Anaheim Chamber of Commerce head Todd Ament and Sidhu discussing Sidhu’s plans. The conversation took place in December of last year, and has now been released to the public.

With allegations out and the Mayor gone, Anaheim officials Tuesday voided the sale of the Stadium for $320 million and now the questions regarding the Angels future are out. Where will they go? Who will purchase the Stadium? And what happens to that fan culture that was so beloved in Anaheim for so many years? Possible locations have been discussed, including Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Long Beach although none of those are highly favored yet. The idea of the Angels finally moving from Anaheim is a crazy one, but continues the trend of unusual stadium situations in 2022, since the Staples Center was renamed just earlier this year.