Editor in Chief Lisa Winchell Highlights the Journalism Class.

Alicia Dunn, Editor

This is Lisa’s second year in the journalism class and club here at EHS and now as an editor in chief, she has acquired bountiful knowledge about the program to share with the rest of her peers.

Led by Mr. Perez, in the Aztlan “you learn how to properly construct news articles people actually want to read and how to use different softwares like In-Design and Photoshop.” Which for anyone interested in journalism or getting their voice out, is very beneficial and would be great to take advantage of these commodities in high school. The curriculum is not the only thing that she’s learned while being in the program these past two years. Lisa notes that “being able to connect and work with people at pretty much your own pace in a primarily student-led classroom is so much fun and teaches you a lot of teamwork skills as well as communication.” These experiences, especially in a primarily student-led environment, are irreplaceable and extremely valuable to students in high school.

As the year comes to a close, Lisa describes how she innovated this year’s newspaper by changing it into another enticing format. During the school year, the students had the idea “at the beginning of the school year that instead of printing a newspaper we should make a magazine because they’re more enticing to our audience and more personal.” So far the Aztlan has only printed their first edition of these magazines, but the second edition is currently underway and should be available shortly after finals for the rest of the campus to read.

As the year comes to a close, Lisa leaves the Aztlan with a multitude of beneficial experiences under her belt. She highly recommends joining “because of how much you learn” in the class.