Unified Sports Aztecs of the Week


Roger Galvin, Unified Sports Teacher

What are your names?

Makenna Milliman  and Caleb Northcut

Where and when did you two meet?

Unified Sports 2020 our freshmen year, now we are in our second year of Unified Sports together.

What is your favorite part of Unified Sports?

We are both very athletic and competitive, as a matter-of-fact, Caleb and I usually start playing a “warm-up” game before class starts. Whether its chase or a quick round of dodgeball, we are always moving around and having fun.

What sports have you learned to play together?

Football, Frisbee-Golf, Basketball, Softball, Archery, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Yoga. We also play several other games on “Fun-Friday’s”. We love playing Speed-Ball, DodgeBall, Tag, Capture the Flag. On Monday’s, we walk through all of Esperanza’s athletic facilities (Track, Softball Field, Soccer Field, Tennis Courts etc).

How would you describe Unified Sports to someone who is not familiar with the class?

Unified Sports is a safe and positive environment for student athletes to come out and compete, play, teach, mentor, or simply just to get to know new people. Students’ of all abilities and skills are welcomed to come out and hang.


Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience in Unified Sports?

Our friendship developed just like any other friendship would, we do not see each other as having a disability or not. We can’t wait to build more memories both on and off the field. We will graduate together next year. Go Unified Class of 2023.