New COVID-19 Variant Makes its Way Through the US

Jacey Beery, Contributor

Another variant of Covid-19 has recently been discovered, called the Omicron variant. The variant was first discovered in South Africa and has recently made an appearance in California. The first case of the variant was in California, but the variant has spread to Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, and New York. Joe Biden has limited travel from Southern African countries, but has still failed to tend to the Mexico borders in which many individuals are not being tested as they enter the country. The New York Times claims that because it gives you antibodies, the booster is the best defense against the variant. Dr. Urban Pillay, a doctor from South Africa, has stated that his experience with the variant has been all mild cases. Some symptoms would be dry-coughs, fevers, night-sweats, and body pains according to Pillay. With many healthcare workers being let go within the last couple of months, The Atlantic explains that, “[In Los Angeles] Intensive care units are overflowing with patients gasping for breath..”. Interestingly enough, Los Angeles has one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country, with individuals having to show their card at the door. In efforts to combat the variant, California has also issued a mask mandate for any public indoor space that will be in effect until earliest, January 15. As more research is done on the variant, it will be easier for people to act accordingly. Until then, washing hands, staying home with symptoms, and getting enough sleep will be in everyone’s best interest.