Bryan Bergo’s College Journey


Regan Cutshall, Reporter

Senior Bryan Bergo is gifted with a genuine and creative mind. At just the age of 11, he discovered his interest in computer science. Bryan found tech intriguing because he loved to solve problems and figure out how things worked. His only struggle was whether or not he should follow his passion for music. Bergo is currently the president for the Esperanza Band. Out of all the colleges he applied to, he feels that the University of Michigan would be the best fit due to their outstanding computer science and band programs. A few of the other colleges Bryan applied to were Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly Slo, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, USC, and UC San Diego. Although those are intimidating schools, Bergo says, “Don’t be afraid to shoot high with where you apply, but also be prepared to be rejected and make sure you have a solid backup plan.” Bergo will be attending Cal Poly Pomona in the fall. We wish you the best of luck on your college endeavors, Bryan!