Week 12/12-12/16 Online Article / Student / Staff of the Week Rough Draft

Andy Liu, contributor

Fill in the boxes accordingly with your writing to help guide it in an effective LQTQ format. 


Ltoday i am going to interview a person his name is Jedinak, Aidan he is a 10th greade in Esperanza High School and today he is here to help me to do the interview i have 10 question for him.


And he is also in the water polo team


“I am in the water polo team this year and I will be transfer from water polo to soccer team and the reason why I am playing sports is because that i like the feeling when I play sports.”

Like the felling when i doinfg the sports that make me feel good.


my favorite class is physics because i have nice teachers and also can having fun with classmates.”


likes the teacher and classmates 


This all the for the interview thanks for reading hope you hae a nice weekend.