Senior Student of the Week 1/09/2023


Ashley Ramirez (Right)

Dylan Panella, Reporter

Talented and intelligent student Ashley Ramirez talks about her future plans and current school life while enjoying the last year of high school. Ashley wants to be a CSI agent and investigate crimes in the future.  “I plan on going to community college for 2 years and entering a crime scene investigation training.” Ashley has high expectations for her future and wants to make herself and her family proud, and school will always come first. “I like all of my teachers, but if I had to choose one, Mrs. Vanderhook.” Ashley is definitely going to be making the most of her summer after her senior year. “My summer plans are to go somewhere out of the country with my friends, and go to the beach a lot.” “My goals for this year is to have all A’s and get accepted into colleges.” The success Ashley has had in high school will help her out tremendously as she enters a higher level of education.